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E.L. Bing’s Multicultural History Living Museum E-mail
Written by Bob Kalle   

Yesterday I had the opportunity and pleasure to attend the E. L. Bing Elementary “Multicultural History Living Museum”. This living museum featured several 3rd grade students portraying notable people in history, both past and present. Each child would sit quietly, posing as a statue of their character, until you pressed an orange dot, a button if you will, and then they came alive. Not only were they dressed like the famous person, but they would tell a story about their character.

Mary My Mother (A Poem) E-mail
Written by Cynthia Gaddes   
1993 for me
a start, an end a
time of change
in my life
Mary ,my mother
Traveler (A Poem) E-mail
Written by Cynthia Gaddes   
beginning of winter around the corner
sitting with the rugs
sitting with myself
like a traveler between worlds
my pen writes the words
I Want To Be Your Boss E-mail
Written by Cynthia Gaddes   
I want to be your boss
not just your secretary
when growing up
so many girls were fed the
myths of men
Unsilenced (A Poem) E-mail
Written by Cynthia Gaddes   
Many years have washed over
The pain and the suffering
One endures when tragedy
Is to frightening to share
To embarrassing to claim
“My Mother” E-mail
Written by Tori Lorraine Jordan   
My Mother To Me Is…….
               Right (all of the time)
Little Guy, Big Glove E-mail
Written by Mariah Martinez (13 yrs)   
Once again, the Burg Rays defeated the Burg Red Sox with a winning score of 15-9. It was a thrilling game that was played at Lakewood Complex Field 3 in St. Petersburg, Fl. on April 20th, 2010. The whole team played a great game but the outstanding player of this game was Daniel Carla who is also known as Danny.
Golden Gloves E-mail
Written by Marvin A. Mitchell   
In St. Petersburg Fl, the Burg Rays added to their win streak with victories over the Burg Marlins on April 15th and Northwest Publix on April 17th, scores were 21-20 and 10-4 respectively. Both games featured standout players, Marquez “Quez” Musgrove against the Burg Marlins and Jeremiah “JJ” Garcia against Northwest Publix.
The Gulf Coast Flames, U14, Bantam AA Hockey Team Has Undefeated Season E-mail
Written by Kelly Goudreau, Gulf Coast Flames, Bantam AA Team Manager   
The Gulf Coast Flames, U14, Bantam AA hockey team out of Ellenton, Fl. went undefeated in their recent fall season, going 16 - 0 in regular season games.  They play in the Statewide Florida Hockey League which includes rinks in Brandon, Clearwater, Orlando, Coral Springs, Ft. Myers and Ft. Lauderdale.   They participated in several AAA tournaments in the Northeast throughout the season as well.   They clinched the State Title on March 14, 2010 in Coral Springs, Fl.  
"Let's go!” “KJ” “Let’s go!” E-mail
Written by Marvin A. Mitchell   
The Burg Rays defeated the Burg Red Sox 17-10, in an exciting game that was played at Lakewood Complex field three in St. Petersburg, Fl. on April 10, 2010. All the boys played a good and notable game and are worthy of applause, but the shining star of this thrilling game was a kid by the name of Kareem “KJ” Johnson, also known as “Bubs”.
Balloon Artist at Family Night at S&S Tacos E-mail
Written by Jeff Mars   

Every Tuesday is Family Night at S&S Tacos & Stuff Pizzas & Stuff.  Mr fudge, the balloon artist, is there each week.  We have great food, arcade games, and lots of fun.  See you there.

Riverview HS Relay For Life Pictures E-mail
Written by Jeff Mars   

More Relay For Life Pictures.

Sharing Friendship at YMCA Camp Cristina E-mail
Written by Laurie Conover, Executive Assistant   
Classes for the Young-At-Heart Active Adults

In the midst of the quiet residential communities that make up the town of Riverview, is an oasis of activity called the YMCA Camp Cristina;
New Vietnam Veterans Memorial E-mail
Written by Bob Silmser, Tom Hall, Dave Braun, Walt Raysick, Jim Basta   

Hillsborough County, FL Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Engraved Brick Fundraiser.  The Memorial will be built at the Hillsborough County Veterans Memorial Park, Hwy 301, Tampa, FL, www.HCMemorials.com

This Memorial will have a UH-1Huey, an AH-1F Cobra mounted on pedestals. A 12 foot wide by 7 foot tall and 8” thick Black Granite Monument with the names of all the Veterans from Hillsborough County who died in Vietnam. We are trying to have this Memorial completed by Veterans Day 2011 and we need your help to do that.

TNT Team Starts Off Season On The Podium E-mail
Written by Christine Ferry - T-N-T Academy of Judo and Dance   
T-N-T Academy of Judo and Dance began their Judo tournament season in 2010 by bringing a team of 10 competitors to Coral Springs, Florida for the Florida Open Tournament on January 23, 2010.
The Holidays are a Good Time to Observe Older Loved Ones for Malnourishment E-mail
Written by Jennifer M. Baker   

Undernourishment and malnutrition are serious problems for America’s growing 65+ population. The American Dietetic Association has reported that more than 1 in 2 seniors in the care of others are at risk for under- or mal-nutrition. And the Mayo Clinic has estimated that under- or mal-nourishment afflicts more than half of all seniors at home.

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