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Meet The Brandon Gazette's Poet E-mail
Written by Tawanda Johnson   
Tawanda Johnson is a 15-year poet who was always an under average speller, quite the conundrum if you ask her.  Nevertheless, she is gifted in writing and immensely enjoys expression through poetry and spoken word.  As a daytime marketer whose work is a direct byproduct of her love for poetry, idea generation is nonstop. She indulges in the consummation of a new poem at least a few times a week and is inspired daily by the stories and sentiments locked within the works of various poets including: Maya Angelou, David Herbert Lawrence and Nikki Giovanni. Some of her poetic accomplishments include being published at the age of 14 and later being recognized for outstanding achievement in poetry from Poetry.com and the International Library of Poetry.  Tawanda is currently constructing her first book of poems entitled Tearing Down Strongholds: Urban Scribes. We can expect this to be the first of many from this profound lyricist.

Introducing The Poetry Place Showcase E-mail
Written by Tawanda Johnson   
As a lover of poetry I would like to offer the opportunity for you to share your work with me and all of The Brandon Gazette’s readers through The Poetry Place Showcase.  Starting in May, during the last week of every month, I will select a poem to be featured as the showcased poem in Tawanda’s Poetry Place for the following month.  You are welcome to submit your poetry for consideration by e-mailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Be sure to include your first and last name in your submission.  I look forward to reading your work!
First Poetry Place Showcase Winner, Blake Smith E-mail
Written by Tawanda Johnson   
I want to thank everyone who submitted their original poetry for The Poetry Place Showcase.  I had the opportunity to read some truly great work by very talented individuals.  I'm happy to announce the first Poetry Place Showcase winner, Blake Smith for his poem THUNDER.  Congratulations Blake, truly vivid and extraordinary work!  The next showcase winner will be selected during the last week of June and announced the first week of July.  Please continue to submit your wonderful poetry for the chance to have your poem featured as the Showcase winner in Tawanda's Poetry Place.  Until then, keep writing!
Pain Unforgiven E-mail
Written by Tawanda Johnson   
It curls up in the depths of your heart
And convinces you that it belongs there
Lingering comfortably as if it causes no grief
No repercussions
It halts all attempts at growth
It is the ultimate sedentary pusher
Keeping you right where you are
Sending you subtle reminders of its purpose
And why you allow it to remain closest
But when you realize that it owns you
Dictates everything you can and cannot do
Stands like a brick wall between you and what’s next
Makes simple things complex
Rest unachievable
Ultimate goals unreachable
Wedges gaps of avoidable conflict amid relationships
Takes the place of happiness
And strangulates any chance to make progress
Then, you’ll want to start the forgiving process
Misconception E-mail
Written by Tawanda Johnson   
I’ve spent so much time looking for happiness
When I should have been looking for joy
Because happiness is something so easily destroyed
So temporary that I’d try to capture it
Jot down it’s presence in a napkin
Not realizing that happiness is only predicated on what happens
The problem with that is
A whole lot happens
Happiness turns to sadness
Leaving you completely distracted
Asking faithless questions like why
Sighing in grief
Living in the disbelief and lost hope of never finding happiness again
While joy waits patiently for you to understand
“A Tall Glass” E-mail
Written by Tawanda Johnson   
She carries a tall glass
Filled with nothing but pride
She tries hard to hold it steady
But her tall glass of pride is heavy
It’s slowly draining her insides
Leaving her feeling desiccate
But her tall glass of pride is precious
So she refuses to ever drink it
“Secrets of the Sky” E-mail
Written by Tawanda Johnson   
There is perfect indecision
In the color of the sky
When confessing
Its sentiments to the rain
Even as I exist in silence
I can only wish
I knew what it was saying
“Peculiar People” E-mail
Written by Tawanda Johnson   
The ones that dare to be different
Even at the chance of rejection

Those that live in perpetual hope
Despite the seemingly impossible

The ones who love in spite
Of not being loved in return

I want to be like them
“A Breakthrough” E-mail
Written by Tawanda Johnson   
Perfectly positioned
Beside persistence
Beyond sight
Far into the distance
Tucked carefully
Inside of hope
Where patience is immanent
And just before the light
Where belief meets existence