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Cougar Times Nov., 2011 E-mail

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KCC Spectacular 6/2010 E-mail
Written by Ryan & Lorin   



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KCC Spectacular 5/7/10 E-mail
Written by Ryan & Lorin   


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KCC Spectacular 4-9-10 E-mail
Written by KCC   



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KCC Spectacular - 3/5/10 E-mail
Written by Ryan & Lorin   

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KCC Spectacular - 2/16/10 E-mail
Written by Ryan & Lorin   

Hi and welcome to the KCC Spectacular.  My name is Ryan, my partner Lorin and I created the KCC student newsletter. We are 4th graders who wanted to write this news letter. Watch out for …poems, stories, questionnaires  and more.Smile


Here are some fun things going on at our school:


Fun on the Field

Field day (February 19) is…fun, exiting, and colorful.  You can feel the excitement in the air.  Its pretty fun; We play games like …Frisbee throw, long jump, jump rope, and much more.  We try to win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons.

I, Lorin, am here talking with Wellness Coach and Trainer, Casio Jones.  Mr. Jones is in charge of helping with Field Day.  We asked him how he feels about fitness. This is what he said…“I feel that every kid should at least get 1 to 2 hours  of physical  activity every day.  Field  day is a wonderful example that can help promote an active lifestyle. This year each student is going to participate in the Presidential Fitness Award. You will receive it from the President himself!”

Student Spotlight

Check out this section. We asked kids and teachers from around the school to answer some fun questions.



What  is  your  favorite  game  to  play?

Kody-Wii golf and tennis(Ms. Campbell)

Chyrie-hot wheel you try to win(Ms. Martha)

Marley-It’s  a dice game(Ms. Van Evera)


1st grade

Who is your best friend and what do you do with him or her?

Darius-Jaylen she is my best friend because we play tag(Ms. Ocasio)

Gracie-Abrey because we play together and have fun(Ms. Williams


2nd grade

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Caleb-I want to be a cop because I like to arrest people(Ms. Solomon)

Brooke-I want to be a gymnast because I like gymnastics (Ms. Clarke)

John-I want to be a cop because I like hand cuffing people (Ms. Burrell)  


3rd grade

Who is your favorite author?

Danny-R.L Stein because he writes scary stories(Ms. Seder)

Andrew-Madeline L’Aquila she writes about adventures


4th grade

If you were a robot  what would you do?

Alex-I would travel to different planets in space(Ms. Regnery)

Ciara-I would be sent to space and dance around the solar system  (Ms. Cooper)


5th grade

If you were your mom for the day what would you do?

Madison-I would go to the park, go to Bush Gardens, go to the mall and buy movies(Mrs. Martin)


6th grade

If you were a book publisher what would you  write about?

Robert-Tina Turner because  she's my favorite singer(Ms.Perian)


Teachers Talk


What do you like about your class?

Ms.Perian-They're so funny!

Ms.Seder-They're so smart and eager to learn.Smile


                                      Spotlight Student of the Week

Sara-(Ms.Regnery4th grade)

Sara was sound asleep in her room when she heard a… CRASH! A pipe had busted  near the bathroom. 98%  of the house was flooded . Her sister came running out of her room and almost slid across the floor. She almost cut her chin open. They evacuated  as fast as they could. Her parents called the flooding service, Hilton Garden Inn on 301 where the KCC Father -Daughter dance takes place this Friday. Sara and her family have been at the Hilton Garden Inn, for 3 months. Just from two inches of  water. Family members are trying to help as much as they can. On the bright side Smile they’ve met new friends at the Hilton Garden Inn. They will be moving back in to there house on February 20th 2010.

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