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2017 Florida State Council Convention in Orlando E-mail
Written by Ed Sleyzak, PGK Regional PR Coordinator, Knight of Columbus   

2017 Florida State Council Convention in Orlando was held the weekend of May 26th-28th.  Delegates from all over the State of Florida converged on the city as they got together to talk about what their Councils did over the past year and to hear the status of the Florida State Council as we headed into the last 30 days of the Fiscal Year.

St. Stephen Catholic Church Council 14084 was represented by Grand Knight John Berrie and Past Grand Knight Mark Lovejoy.

As the Convention continued the award ceremony was interesting as the Councils that were given the awards were called to the front of the Convention. There were many to give out as you can imagine with over 50,000 Knights and over 300 Councils in the Florida State Council.

Council 14084 held true to form and received 4 awards during this time.

For the 3rd year in a row we received the Altar Server of the year award for the Diocese of St. Petersburg. Our Altar Servers are the best and the program is headed up by Julio Alvarez PGK, FDD, PFN. The winner of this award will be named late upon presentation during Mass.

For the Second year in a row our Newsletter received Honorable Mention. We will continue to improve the Newsletter as the year continues so that next year we can get the top award. The Newsletter is headed by Ed Sleyzak PGK and Scott Hueteman.

This year we also received the Supreme Service Award for our Youth Activities. This is mainly due to our Squires Circle (for young men up 18yrs of age). We also had a great year in our Soccer Challenge as well as our Free Throw Competition. This second year in a row we have been awarded a Supreme Activity award; in 2016 we were awarded the Pro Life award. This means that out Council will be given the opportunity to be awarded an International award at the Supreme Convention in St. Louis this coming fall.

Our Squires did a great job this past year with the Keep Christ in Christmas card sales which move us up to the $1000 club.

On Saturday afternoon we also held elections for the upcoming Fraternal year with all new officers for 2017-2018.