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Letter To Eric Bolling E-mail
Written by Bob Kalle   

Dear Mr. Bolling,

I have watched you on The Five and filling in for O’Reilly and have read your book. I have great respect for you. The purpose of this letter is to give you some information that you might like, or perhaps you know this already.

I recently read a book by Eric Metaxas called “If you can keep it.” The book is about how the constitution came about. When the founding fathers were negotiating the Constitution, a women came up to Benjamin Franklin and asked if we were going to have a republic and his answer was “if we can keep it.”

To make it short, the book explained that the founding fathers knew that every other country then and still to this day were run and controlled by either some sort of monarchy or by an elite class. They wanted this new country to be different and knew that up to that time the people had been self-governing themselves.

However, he cited an author that talked about to have freedom, you had to have virtue, and to have virtue you had to have religion, and to have religion you had to have freedom. And the founding fathers, especially Franklin, knew that the secret to this were the Judeo-Christian ethics and morals that people used to self-govern themselves. In fact Tocqueville, a Frenchman in the 1700’s, marveled at how the people self-governed themselves. And the secret to this freedom to self-govern are virtues.

So this idea leads to a couple of concepts, first, to be truly free to self-govern ourselves, we need virtue. Virtue comes from some type of religious code. No religion, no virtue. So what are progressives trying to get rid of, religion and the concept of God.  By the way, Dostoyevsky said that if there is no God, everything is permissible.

Another idea is that we try to take our form of government to other countries. However, these other countries have never had to self-govern themselves, so the concept is foreign to them and appears to not work. So how do the progressives get our country out of self-government and into a country run by the elites, bring in people that do not have Christian values or do not know how to self-govern themselves.

Also, to have effective self-government, it has to be all about the we and not about me instead of it is all about me and not about the we.

I loved listening to the five, until they forgot that Trump is not playing politics the old way, but trying to save out form of government. He has been successful to this point, who is anyone to tell him how to do what he is trying to accomplish. If anyone knows better that him, let them run and do it on their own dime. I tire of people on the panel judging things based on politics rather that what is right for our country. Hasn’t politics been the downfall of our country to this point. In fact, the old republicans are as much at fault as Obama fundamentally transforming our country. They wanted to be one of the elite.

Let’s get to the point, what is right for our country. Both the progressive/liberal side and the old republicans have betrayed us. In fact, I see Trump creating a new party that encompasses moderate republicans, democrats, independents and libertarians that will lead our country out of this betrayal.

I love Dana, but she has to stop being in the political box. That has led to the democrats being in control. Embrace the Trump strategy. And get rid of Juan, he is so biased that he destroys the show. It is OK, to disagree, but he is blinded by partisanship which really does no good.

I don’t know if this will reach you, but it is a couple of things to consider. I would recommend sitting down with the book, it has much more than what I outlined here.

God Bless.

Bob Kalle