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Mathnasium of Brandon Hosted Their Bi-Annual Club Radical Celebration E-mail
Written by Janie Hunter Community Relationship Coordinator   

On February 26th, Mathnasium of Brandon hosted their Bi-Annual Club Radical Celebration.   Club Radical is a way for us to support our community, build confidence in your student, and build new friendships through math related board games with families.

Mathnasium feels it’s important to build confidence and celebrate success in a fun and engaging learning environment and bringing families together for a fun night of “mathing” isjust one of the ways they accomplish this.

Mathnasium also loves to recognize hard work from in the classroom.  Student’s names from recognition boards within the center are added into a drawing and awarded prizes in 2 categories:  Most improved grades and achieving 100% on test or quiz.Matt B. was the winner of the “Best Score Yet Board” which recognizes student progress and Riley T. was the winner of the “Brag Board”, where students are recognized for achieving perfect test scores at school.

Families also supported local charities by bringing in donations for Ronald McDonald House and Seeds of Hope!

For more information about Mathnasium, please visit www.mathnasium.com/brandon and you can now  Take a virtual tour of Mathnasium of Brandon!