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Introducing the Powerful and Unique Identity Theft Deterrent E-mail
Written by Jeff Mars   

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the world and with the recent court case ruling that lifelock's fraud alert placements on behalf of its customers is illegal, we need alternatives to such services.

Get Proactive And Fight Back!

Identity Theft Deterrent gives the exact steps required to make sure you never become a victim. It shows you how the criminal actually gets at the information they need to steal identities so that you can bolt the door firmly shut and keep them out.

As with all criminals, identity thieves are looking for an easy life. Just as a burglar moves on down the street when he checks out a house and discovers it has an alarm, a dog and security lights in the backyard, the identity thief will quickly move on when he realizes you have taken measures to safeguard your details and Identity Theft Deterrent will show exactly how to do just that.

Our package is unique in that it covers in detail with step by step instructions the exact steps taken by companies such as Lifelock so that you can easily and quickly do it for yourself. We show you how to protect yourself without the monthly fees of other services.

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