Written by Roy Mandina   

The only laws left in this country are the laws that the little guy (you and I) are supposed to follow. The president, the Supreme Court, and many other politicians are no longer hindered by the rule of law.

Since this administration began the Constitution has been violated continuously, and now it is violated blatantly. And I am not speaking of small matters and minute affects. This president has sidestepped congress and instituted Executive privilege on many important issues like, healthcare, immigration, FCC takeover of the internet, and now he has his eyes set on "raising taxes through executive order." THIS PRESIDENT IS CORRUPT! He is supposedly a "constitutional scholar." Did he not read Article 1, section 1 of the Constitution?      

"All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives."

What this means exactly is that Congress, and only Congress, has the power to make laws. And the Congress is a bicameral legislative body—that is, it's divided into two chambers, the House and the Senate.  This president is making laws. This president is acting like a dictator and no one is stopping him. 

There are several reasons why this corrupt president has gotten away with this blatant assault against the Constitution. The first reason is the leaders of the Republican Party are spineless cowards who have been neutered by a corrupt liberal media. You see, these republicans live in fear of being labeled "racist" for daring to stop a rogue president who happens to be half black. (Go after the white half you spineless fools!)

The second reason why this president is allowed to getaway with his illegal activity is twofold. A, many of the country's citizens are not aware of what's going on because the president is protected by the aforementioned liberal media, and B, the lack of education on the part of the voting public. The media fails to alert the people when the president violates the Constitution, as he did last week when the FCC assumed power that it does not legally have when they took over the internet. And when the people do find out what happened they don’t have the education to understand how and why the president’s actions are in violation of the Constitution and the serious and dangerous affects of his actions. Using last week’s example of the FCC now controlling the internet, the people can now be monitored by an ever interfering govt. who may and will someday control what is allowed to be viewed on your computer screen. Some of you may laugh it off and say that I am worrying needlessly and that the govt. would never try to interfere with the peoples’ right to view what they will, BUT YOU WOULD BE DEAD WRONG. Just a few short years ago the liberals in power saw that Fox News radio was far too popular amongst the American listening audience and sought to silence them. They tried to institute something called the Fairness Doctrine. The FCC didn’t like the idea that so many people listened to one station so they sought to control what people would be allowed to hear.

My friends, we are in deep trouble. Our children and grandchildren are in ever deeper trouble as this govt. gathers more power as the years pass. The Founding Fathers were men of character and wisdom. They knew what was best for the people and that was limited government. This administration has spit in the face of the Founding Fathers and their incredibly perfect document (the Constitution ) by boldly exploiting the ignorance of the voting populace and increasing the size, power and scope of the government, and especially that of the  Executive branch. What needs to be understood is that any power given to, (or stolen by ) the govt. is taken from WE THE PEOPLE!