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Commendation For H.H. Gregg E-mail
Written by Bob Kalle   

H.H. Gregg is a store on the corner of Adamo drive and Falkenburg in the Tampa/Brandon area. This is a letter about a good experience I had with the store in solving an issue I had with a broken remote. Read on.

November 7, 2014
Mr. Curtis Etheridge

I would like to commend Christina Pierce, the general manager at the H. H. Gregg store on East Adamo Drive in Tampa. I had purchased a Seiki television a few months ago and the remote broke. I did not buy a warranty and did not remember if there was any warranty on it.

So I went to the store to buy a remote. One of the sales people said that they did not sell new Seiki remotes and the universal remotes did not work with Seiki televisions. He gave me the number to the corporation to call. The phone call directed me to an online site where I put in my information.

After a week, I figured they were not getting back to me, so I went back into the store. This time I asked for a manager and was directed to Christina. I explained that I was not trying to get another remote under warranty. I was willing to buy one or a universal remote, but none of the universal remotes at the store would work with a Seiki television. And I mentioned that I had called, but there was no response. She asked me to wait and went to another part of the store. When she came back, she was holding two remotes and asked if either one was what I needed. One of them was.

I was thankful and appreciated her customer service skills. Because of her work, I will continue to shop at H. H. Gregg when looking for electronics and appliances that they carry. Also, I own an online newspaper, www.thebrandongazette.com and this letter will appear on the front page to let everyone know how your service works and that you have a happy cutomer. Again, I thank Christina and your store.

Bob Kalle