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Comment Regarding Gulf Coast Tree Care E-mail
Written by Bob Kalle   

Gulf Coast Tree Care- I had an interesting experience this morning. My neighbor had one of his trees in the front of the house cut down, and he contracted with Gulf Coast Tree Care to trim back our tree that stretched over his front yard. We had received a certified letter saying that they were permitted to trim our tree. They then added;

“To minimize the stress to your tree and in accordance with ANSI A-300 we will be removing at least 25% but not more than 35% of the live foliage extending over the property boundary. This will be performed in a single pruning cycle. Additional pruning can be performed in subsequent sessions at the discretion of my client, but always no more than 35% of that current year foliage until eventually all of the branches from your tree have been permanently pruned back to the property boundary.”

When they showed up to prune my tree back, I asked how far they were going to go. Darren, the owner, said they were going to the property line. I mentioned the certified letter I received from Steven Kale (Gulf Coast Tree Care) that had the above paragraph in it. He said he did not know anything about the letter, so I asked him for his name. He would not give it at first. I asked him for a phone number and he told me it was in the book. By the time I could find the letter and number he had pruned my tree back to the property line.

I went out to show him the letter with the above paragraph. He said it didn’t mean anything and he could prune it back to the property line. It seems that the law that was put in writing to me had no standing with Darren.

Here’s what I think, and it is my opinion. The law as stated above would mean they would have to prune our tree at least over three seasons to meet the standards quoted to me. This would mean three trips to accomplish the job. It was easier to do in one fell swoop.

Obviously, I am not happy with someone that sends me a certified letter to explain the law and then does what he wants in the face of the letter. This not someone I would recommend to anyone I know. You have the name of the tree company and the owners name and you have the name of the arborist that sent the letter. They should probably come up with a consistent strategy.