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Why America Has So Much Trouble
Written by Roy Mandina   

Are you old enough to remember a time when the biggest warnings to children was to not run in school and to not chew gum? Or perhaps a better question would be, do remember when our children didn’t have to be warned about drugs, sex, pedophiles, X-rated television, internet predators, etc., etc.? Do you ever wonder what happened to America’s innocence?

When I was a kid we started each and every school day with a prayer to God. Today that is all but forbidden. There is a push in America to get God out of our schools.  There is a push to get God out of the courtroom, off our currency and out of the public all together. And what is God being replaced with? In school he’s being replaced with condoms. That’s right! Today the United State’s position is that God is harmful to a healthy society and teaching children, at the age of 12, the proper way to roll on a condom is what they need to get by. Several years ago the United States Surgeon General (Jocelyn Elders) thought it was fitting to teach first graders how to masturbate. Excuse my boldness, but thank God (yes, I said it.) she was fired.

When I was a kid we started each and every school day with  a pledge of allegiance to our country. We were aware of American exceptionalism, ingenuity and greatness.  Today the children are being brought up to believe that America is the bad guy. We have conspiracy theorist manipulating the ignorant into believing that the deaths of three thousand Americans on 9/11 was an “inside job.”  We have a president who believes that America is “an arrogant nation” rife with internal inequities. We have a divided two party system where “The Buck” never stops. Political ideology has replaced patriotism in the minds of many Americans and if it continues we are bound to fail.

Why should any of this be surprising? The radicals of the 1960’s, who burned American flags, who spit on soldiers and called them “baby burners,” are now the politicians that determine policy. Their heros are the traitors that sided with our enemies in North Vietnam. They have a genuine disdain for the American military. We have anti-war protestors showing up at funerals of our fallen hero troops. (And I am proud to add that I am a member of the Patriot Guard Riders, who attends these funerals and keeps these lost fools in order.) We have liberal activist celebrities that visit and have social gatherings with America’s enemies in North Korea and Venezuela. Our children are taught that America is evil and responsible for all the world’s ills.

What seems to be taking place in the U.S. is the inverse strategy employed by notable dictators in history whereby they indoctrinated the youth with the concept of nationalism and idealism for the purpose of ensuring dedication and allegiance. Here the goal seems to be remove any sense of dedication or patriotism to God or country. But why would anyone want to inhibit love of country? 

Someone figured out a long tome ago that the easiest thing to take from someone is  something they don’t love or cherish. And the easiest way for corrupt politicians to operate is to remove the patriotism that once flourished throughout America. With no deep imbedded love for one’s country, people are less apt to rise against the political tyrants that commit the almost daily crimes against our country. With patriotism all but gone, and education failing miserably, the average American is both uncaring and unaware of the crimes that this administration is perpetuating against us. From the  illegal takeover of banks and private sector companies, to the theft from taxpayers in the fraudulent “stimulus packages,” to the unconstitutional healthcare bill, the American people are largely unmoved.