Seminole Shut Out E-mail
Written by Lauryn McCreadie Chief College Football Editor   

TALLAHASSEE, FL October 5, 2013.  Maryland’s one turnover clearly did not make or break the game.  With one touch down in the first quarter, two in the second, three in the third and three in the fourth, it’s no question who won.  Florida State didn’t leave any room for Maryland to score, with only allowing Maryland 9 first downs, compared to Florida States’ 33 first downs.

The Seminoles made an all around team contribution to shut out the Terps, 63-0.  Karlos Williams (2 TD runs), Devonta Freeman (1 TD run), Kelvin Benjamin (2 TD passes from Jameis Winston), Nick O’Leary (2 TD Passes from Winston), Kenny Shaw (1 TD Pass from Winston), and Jacob Cooker (1 TD run) all put points on the board.

However, let’s focus on the “high light”, Jameis Winston.  From the first game, Winston proved himself to be a confident and talented player.  While he has repeatedly shown these traits, he also continues to show his modesty.  He is quickly gaining the teams respect, along with the fans.  It’s easy to see from the sideline, just how much of a team player he is.  He converses with and encourages players down the line. If he throws an off play, he points to himself gesturing “my bad”.  On his last touchdown pass of the game, Winston made it a point to shake every one of his offensive players hands, thanking them as they came off the field to the sideline.

Florida State showed more than just a shut out this game.  They blatantly proved that, while last year and the year before was known mostly as a divided team, this season, it’s different.  The defense and offense, coaches and players, are all in this together, making this season a successful one so far being 5-0, 3-0 in the ACC.