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Written by Bob Kalle   

The Simple Life Outfitters is owned and operated by Kelly and Kelly Morris and opened in December, 2010. Their children, Mandy and Korey, also work at the store.

After 13 years with Verizon, the opportunity presented itself. My wife, Kelly and I decided it was a good time for a change. So with my wife’s blessing, I took a retirement package and invested in the dream we have had for a long time. At that time, we decided (I mean our friends and ourselves) that the best name would be “The Simple Life Outfitters” for the simple reason that there are a lot of people that live this kind of life, so why not make it easy to find the kind of things we all share and wear, and put them in one place. Easy to find, with the right family atmosphere people are drawn to.

Being inspired by a lot of great friends and family, our goals is to make everyone a part of the Simple Life.

Now a days it’s hard to be positive about things that are going on around us, so if there is something positive out there life friends and family to be around, it makes life a little easier. Our greatest success is yet to come. We feel success is measured by how many people you affect in a positive way.

The more customers come in and see how things used to be with the personal touch, the friendly service and just hanging out on some occasions chewing the fat, the more Simple Life can be.

Our ultimate goal is for people to want to go shopping, find what they need, have fun doing it and make new friends in the process.

After all that is what “The Simple Life” is all about. Sounds fun to me!

The goal is to provide retail outfitters an outlet for their products and to provide the kind of products the community wants. We work with organizations, especially high schools in the area. We can create custom logos for all types of situations and occasions. And we are involved in many fund raising opportunities.

In our current inventory, we have items that appeal to a lot of people life all styles of shirts, hand bags and wallets, Bling belts, Camo clothing for infant to adult men and women. Camo backs, car decals, frames and travel mugs.

We carry products by some of the top vendors in the business like Guy Harvey, Salt Life, Bucked Up Apparel, Real Tree Girl, Camo Chic, Dixie Outfitters, Webers leather and outdoor furniture by Charlog.

The store has many interesting items, stop in and say hello and check out their wares.

At the present time we have 4 people involved in our business:
Kelly A. Morris, my wife and President
Kelly J. Morris, myself and Vice President
Korey Morris
Mandy Morris

The Simple Life Outfitters
2553 Highway 60 East
Valrico Fl. 33594
Phone 813-657-8308
Cell  813-727-2802
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