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Can Anyone Name This Disease? E-mail
Written by Roy Mandina   

The disease that has entered into our country is quickly corrupting our sense of just what it means to be an American. The U.S. was founded on the principles of freedom from government intrusion. And with that freedom came responsibility. Until this disease took root, and as the song goes, “Everybody pulled his weight.” We cannot have an  unobtrusive  government if we are indoctrinated to rely on the government! Today there are “best seller” books being written that describe the hundreds of “benefit” programs available to our citizens and how best to take advantage of them. Americans are no longer taught to “find a job with great medical benefits.” We are taught that we are entitled to “free” medical benefits from the government. By the millions, we are evermore dependent  on the government just to feed ourselves. (Nearly 50 million Americans are on food stamps.) And much like animals in the wild, that when fed by the hand of man, we are becoming unable to feed ourselves. We are slowly becoming more like the serf of the High Middle Ages, and our government is slowly becoming like the feudal Lord of the Manor. The disease is destroying that pioneering American spirit that brought America to greatness. The disease is killing our independence and freedom. Can you name this disease?