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Written by Carol Oschmann, Author, Lecturer, Dream Researcher   

Carol Oschmann, author of Prison Dreams and God Speaks In Dreams: Connect With Him and Each Other, lecturer, regional director for the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD).

Dear Carol, I had a strange dream with pigs, I wonder if you could help me?  The dream was that I was staying with a family and I’m constantly looking for something to do.  I unclog the disposal, sweep the kitchen floor.  The two women from next door come and want back the power cord that I borrowed from them. I turn and see the man of the house intently using the computer that is hooked up with the power cord. He does not want to let it go. I tell the women I will go and buy them one right away. There is a store on the other side of them. I’m a little confused.  I thought the family I was staying with was well-to-do so why did they not have their own power cord? I hear a noise in the back room, open the door to see several little pigs running around.

Dear Reader. There is a lot of symbolism here. I will mention a few things. You will know when I hit the truth. This seems to be about power. Why don’t you have your own power?  Who has power over you or is trying to get power over you or something in which you’ve invested a lot of time. If it were my dream, I would look to my life to see where I’ve spent a lot of time or investment, a relationship, a hobby, a belief system. It may be time to let it go. It may be time to bring it closer under my own control. Maybe it’s time to let loose and trust God for the outcome. The pigs, to me, would speak of something dirty. Maybe the situation is not on the up and up if it leaves your control or maybe that is a good reason to walk away from it. There is a lot of cleaning up, maybe someone thinks you are cleaning up on whatever you are doing, maybe you will clean up, keep your power. You can go back into the dream, just think about the story as you fall asleep tonight and ask for clarification, another dream story telling you the same thing but more clearly. In the dream carry enough power cords for everyone in your pocket. It could be your connection with God and you can (or are)leading  others but with borrowed material. Time to pay more attention to your dreams and find your connection there, not take for granted what others have told you.

Hope this helps.

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