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Torture Vs Abortion E-mail
Written by Bob Kalle   

On December 30.2012, Robyn Blumner wrote an opinion column in the Tampa Bay Times entitled Torture Should Not Be  A Secret for U.S. To Keep.  In this article she begins with how the film Zero Dark Thirty has reopened debate over torture.  Whether torture works is a question, yet as a nation committed to human rights perhaps that is not the question.

She states that there are advocates of both sides of use or non-use of torture. But since much of what happened is classified we will not know the true results. But Blumner says that America should be humiliated at how America reacted to terror. She states that our once proud principles of due process and the rule of law were gone and our character is stained.

This year she gave her award to the European Court of Human Rights for sticking up for a man that was mistakenly detained, tortured, beaten, stripped and forcibly sodomized with a suppository, and held  after it was known for months that he was innocent. Blumner calls for full disclosure and transparency of what is done to prisoners.

Hurray for Blumner wanting to know the full extent of what is going on. Hurray for transparency.  If we are going to be the society that exhibits higher standards than others around the world we have to act on those principles.

However, I have a question for Ms. Blumner  How can we get back our dignity and character, our pride and our caring about human rights when we abort 4000 babies a day. It seems to me that it is time for transparency of the abortion procedure. What really goes on during an abortion? What is the procedure like? In fact, with abortion comes death. I would guess that Ms. Blumner would stand up for those innocents?

Ms, Blumner, maybe you have written about abortion and I have not seen the article. But if you haven’t, isn’t it time to write about the mistreatment of the unborn? I would think it is time for full transparency and disclosure of how a fetus, a baby to most of us, is torn out of its parent’s womb. Don’t you think it is time to describe this situation in America and describe the pain this little soon to be born child feels? Let’s get out of this politically correct stance in America and be consistent. If someone promotes the rights of prisoners, shouldn’t we  advocate for the rights of the aborted?