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A Reader's Dream E-mail
Written by Carol Oschmann, Author, Lecturer, Dream Researcher   

Carol, Should I play the lottery?  My dream was that I had won $600,000.00 in the lottery but I was disappointed. It was not enough. Afraid someone would steal it, I shoved it all in a backpack that I strapped onto my back and carried everywhere.  It had been 2,052 hours since I won and the money was disappearing fast enough. I now only had $60,000.00.  I was so worried; I’d only had 25 hours of sleep in the 85 days since I won. There are a lot of numbers there and I wonder if I should play them.

Dear Reader, It only costs a dollar to play so why not.  I once asked for the winning numbers in my dream.  I got numbers and played them and did not win. That night I asked God why I didn’t win.  A voice came before my head even hit the pillow. “You have to learn how to earn your money.” Drats! That was the story of my life.  I have heard of other people dreaming the winning numbers.

The dream may have entirely different meaning. It seems to be about a burden you are carrying on your back. Nothing to do with money at all. A situation that you have worried about that is actually getting lighter.  Perhaps, on examination the problem is no longer a problem. The money could symbolize something of value in your life that no longer holds as much value for you now. You will soon not carry it around anymore.  Or the opposite may be true, before you get any older, invest in something (money, talents, schooling), recognize what you are carrying on your back and turn it into a gift that you can turn into something you can carry into the future. Are you wasting your money on something? Does your checkbook add up properly? If you are the money, are you being taken care of properly?

This seems like a lot of questions and not any answers but only the person who had the dream can know for sure.  That person will experience that ah-ha feeling in the heart when the right question is asked.

I always look for a health related issue and ask you to get more sleep, don’t worry about it.

Carol Oschmann, author of “God Speaks In Dreams: Connect With Him and Each Other” and “Prison Dreams.” She can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Your dream and dream questions are welcome.