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A Readers Dream Question E-mail
Written by Carol Oschmann, Author, Lecturer, Dream Researcher   

Reader Question – I dreamed that my niece got into trouble and needed an abortion.  What should I do?  Should I tell her? She is only 13.

Answer – You are assuming this is a prediction. That is not necessarily so. Just in case it is, tell her about the dream. It might be a good idea to have another person present, like her mother and other female members of the family. Tell it like it is a big joke that you don’t believe. This can open several doors of needed communication that otherwise might never come up. You can give warnings about ruining her life, not being able to be a teenager because of raising a child, who’s going to pay for the diapers and baby food. Also, topics like what is love like, how to tell it’s real, how some people take advantage of you. The others in the room are there to help keep the conversation going with whatever you don’t think about.

But, it may not be about her at all. It may be all about you. Is there something in your life that should be aborted? Everything and every person in the dream is a part of you. Why would this niece be in the dream and not any one of a number of women you know? To find the answer, think of at least three personality traits she possesses. These are also a part of you whether you like them or not. Maybe it is simply her youth and inexperience. The personality traits can be pointing to the problem and that is why she is there in the dream. You may need to wait or become a little more mature in your life before you tackle something or someone.

This something can be a person, an attitude, a job, etc... The dream is telling you that you are thinking wrongly about that something or someone and to abort it from your life, for now.

There is another possibility. What if you are the object about to be aborted. Is someone forcing you out? Do you need to fight for something in your life to live like a talent not seen yet by others, an instance where you need to stand up for yourself? You will know the truth when you get that ah-ha feeling. Hope I’ve helped.

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