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Peeling an Onion E-mail
Written by Carol Oschmann   

Author of “Prison Dreams” and “God Speaks In Dreams; Connect With Him and Each Other” Dream Group Leader and Lecturer

Interpreting a dream is much like peeling back the layers of an onion. That’s why a group approach is helpful. You may think you know what a dream is about until you hear the opinions of others. It helps to have some friends to share them. In our groups we begin our comments with the words “If it were my dream..” This way, we are taking any unkind or harsh words onto ourselves, not judging the dreamer.
One lady had two dreams in the same night.  These are different ways of presenting the same problem so we look for a connection. In her first dream she was in an old, run down bar serving food. A man wanted a beer so she handed him an old fashioned jelly glass and let him pour his own. In the second dream she was presenting her credit card to a clerk in order to return a sweater. The credit card got stuck in the machine and ripped.

One possibility was that she had a hang-up left over from the old days when she performed such tasks, or lived such a life. The jelly glass may have pointed to a present day situation where there might be a better tool for whatever she was trying to accomplish. It may have been about addictions. At first glance we saw the uselessness of the credit card. Perhaps she should rethink her spending practices. Returning the sweater might be to rethink the things she did for others and not to be so generous.

In a dream, you are everything and every person and they are a part of you. If the run-down old bar was her; eating, drinking may be a way to put energy back into herself, a call for healing. The credit card had also seen better days. If she was the credit card that once had carried her and now she felt useless, it may point to the same present day problem. As a credit card, she is being used – once too often. We looked at the sweater has having something to do with warmth and comfort which for some unknown reason, she was giving that up if she continued on her present path.

She was the one who knew the truth of what was said and she told us that we gave her a lot to think about. 

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