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Written by Bob Kalle   

Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More of Valrico was opened by Gerald and Karen Ayers in August of 2011. They are originally from Idaho and moved to Florida to work with GTE. When they retired, they wanted to do something that wouold be fun and thus a T-Sirt printing company. But this is not your usual silk screen printing of large orders, but a more personal customizing oft- shirts for all occasions. Thus their usual order is for 1-100 shirts.

As a retail business for custom t-shirts, their niche is for small business owners, sports moms and families, clubs, churches and other groups that want a small amount of shirts. Two aspects of their business make them different. All their shirts are custom designed. You come into the store and you have a graphic artist help you design the shirt you want. This allows you to make any other shirts at any time. And if there is a mistake like a wrong size, it is easy to get it fixed and remedied. It is not they print once and that is it. All the work is done on site.

The fact that you can go in and design your shirt makes this business a bit unique. We all have that creative side that wants to make something unique, not pick some design out of a catalog. The turnaround on orders is quick and there pricing is cost effective. And the shirts can be tried on so that we can make sure it fits. Their service also takes some of the heat off team moms as all the work is done at the store (think putting names on jerseys).

Gerald also mentioned some ideas I did not think about. Shirts make a great giveaway at birthdays and family reunions. We all like keepsakes of memorable events, what a great way to commemorate them. I suggest you take the time to check out the store and the kinds of services they have. I’m sure you will enjoy the ways their store can make your day a bit brighter.

3450 Lithia Pinecrest Rd.
Phone: (813) 684-2873
Fax : (813) 684-2937
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