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Written by Carol Oschmann   

Carol Oschmann is author of "Prison Dreams" and "God Speaks in Dreams: Connect With Him and Each Other"

Let’s get into an actual dream.  This one came from an inmate in a women’s prison who attended my dream class there.  I went in every Thursday night for about three years and many of the original group stuck with me for the full three years.  Towards the end, she reported this dream.

“In my dream, I was sitting in front of a large, beautiful, round, emerald ashtray, picking out marijuana butts and throwing them into a paper trash bag. The smell was real and strong; disgusting.  A man I grew up near came walking over, he wanted the butts.  I gave them all to him and the last I saw him, was his back as he was walking away.”

Knowing we would say everyone and everything is a part of her, she adamantly told us not to do that with this dream.  He was a nasty person, the neighborhood bully much magnified and she would never be any part of him. 

So we took the dream from the top.  The emerald green ashtray was herself in the beginning.  She came into this world a perfect beautiful human being but allowed herself to be filled with her addiction.  In the dream she is now cleaning herself up and her beauty can shine through once more.

He is who she used to be. She hates that part of herself and the last vision of him was his back as he walked away.  Her addiction is done.  She’ll never be that person again.  When she gets on the outside of prison and is tempted by her life and\or her peers, she’ll remember this dream because she wrote it down and we discussed it.  She’ll know that drug person is not who she is anymore.  Addiction done.

Dreams work with your emotions to convince you to take a different path.  That is why the dreams need interpreting.  See yourself as each person and see things from their point of view or ask yourself, where in my life am I acting as that person or thing would? Do I want to? 

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Carol's books are "Prison Dreams" and "God Speaks In Dreams: Connect With Him and Each Other."