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Written by Carol Oschmann   
1) Some people question the source of dreams, thinking the Bible is against the practice.  This can’t be further from the truth.  No place does it say not to follow your own  dreams.  In fact the Bible writers encourage you to understand. There are reported to be over 120 dreams in the Bible.  Why have them there if we are not to learn from them.  One of my strongest visual aids is my Bible with small colorful rectangles marking a lot of the dreams.

If one feels the devil is ruling their life, through your dreams, you can be rid of this feeling.  I have used this in my own early dreams and dreams of inmates as told in my book, “Prison Dreams.”  Go to sleep saying “God, take these demons away.”  You may have to be very forceful.  The demons leave forever.  

2) Are nightmares and demons from the devil?  If they are, they can be banished forever.  Your creator wants the best for you but He would never want you to do anything deemed wrong, either in His world or ours (which is also His.).  Nightmares can bring the best changes into your life once you understand the meaning.  We’ll have some examples of this in later columns, also a lot on interpreting the dream.

3) To define a nightmare, suppose you are walking a path with me right behind you.  I need to tell you something so I call your name.  You ignore me.  I pick up a small stone and throw it at your back.  You still ignore me.  By now I’m extremely frustrated and pick up a 2x4 and whack you over the head.  That’s a nightmare.  Imagine how frustrated our creator can get with us because of all the promises we’ve made and not followed through.  As a youngster I’d stand praying in church, only my words were something like “God, please don’t let Grandma know about ---.  I promise not to do it again.”  And then do it, whatever it was, again.  Imagine His frustration when we have missed His messages for so many years.

Once you find the message, your life will change immediately for the better and you don’t have to do a thing.  Learning to have this two-way conversation with your creator, and an easy change in attitude, is the lesson.  I hope you’ll do it.

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