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Written by Bob Kalle   
Absolute Fitness and Nutrition is owned and operated by Robert and Cheryl Gregg and was opened in February of2007. Their store specializes in vitamins, supplements, nutrition and personal training.

Their philosophy is to provide personal service. There is no cookie cutting with programs. Each client has a personalized program. They discuss the goals and then a plan to attain the goals. They use the idea that you have a dream, set goals, have a game plan and work the plan. This leads to success.

Their clients are looking for results, whether that is from a vitamin/supplement, nutrition or training point of view. The owners think that a comprehensive plan that utilizes all facets will be the most successful. But the final decision is up to the client.

Their choice of vitamins and supplements is based on products that are priced appropriately for the work they are expected to do.

Robert and Cheryl also provide personalized one on one training in their private studio. This allows clients to work out without the distraction of other people and provides total attention from the trainer to the client.

Robert and Cheryl are Christian oriented and thus believe in honesty and integrity. They maintain this philosophy in providing a customized program for every client. They discuss in detail what the client wants, many times uncovering the demons that lead to the issues the client wants to correct. They are truly a cross fitness program.

They believe that you need a foundation first, good soil before you plant the beans. They work at educating the people they work with. For instance, we should be eating the right foods and know when to eat it. They treat people the way they want to be treated. They do not over sell any part of the program since it should meet the client’s needs.

You are never too young or too old, as they train people as young as 9 and up to 77. Some of their clients want the accountability to reach their goals. They get involved as much as the client wants.

They are up front with the costs so that when the program is set up, they do not nickel and dime the customer. The client knows what they are getting into.

I was able to spend an hour with Robert and Cheryl. They were knowledgeable, personal and fun to talk with. Robert has a wit that we hope to share in this paper in more articles about fitness and nutrition. I would invite everyone to stop by, meet them and see if they can help you with any fitness goals. By the way, the new year is coming soon, along with the new resolutions. This would be a good time to check out their resources and how they can help you.
Robert and Cheryl Gregg
742 W. Brandon Blvd
Brandon, Florida
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