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Key Legal Documents We All Should Have and the Role of Eldercare Attorneys E-mail
Written by Arthur Moseley, Griswold Special Care   

There are four key documents we all should have:

    •  Healthcare Surrogate- this designates someone to make medical decisions for you if you
       cannot make them for yourself
    •  Durable Power of Attorney- used to designate someone to make health, financial, and/or
       legal decisions when you are unable to act
    •  Last Will and Testament- this directs how your property will be managed after your death
    •  Living Will/Advanced Directive- this formalizes your wishes regarding the medical care
       to be used or withheld if you become incapacitated

The Five Wishes document found at www.agingwithdignity.org does an excellent job for the Living Will and Health Care Surrogate segments noted above. One can also obtain some of these documents through Hospice or your local hospital. Due to the recent changes in the Florida Durable Power of Attorney law, we strongly suggest you consult an attorney to create/review that document.

All attorneys are not created equal. Many specialize. Eldercare Attorneys provide special value in at least two areas: helping you with the key documents each of us needs as we age (see above) and managing our assets and income to qualify for Medicaid (including the Diversion Program) and/or the VA Aid and Attendance program. There are a number of excellent Elder Care attorneys in Hillsborough County. Two of the best are headquartered in Brandon, Emma Hemness and Laurie Ohall.  Bay Area Legal in Tampa is another alternative. It is a  not for profit entity providing free civil legal services for low-income families throughout the Bay Area.

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Arthur Moseley