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The Difference between Home Care and Home Health Care and Home Care Payment Resources E-mail
Written by Arthur Moseley   

Home Health Care
Skilled Care/Medical Insurance Reimbursed-Your health insurance provider (Medicare, etc.) may pay for in home nurse visits and/or physical therapy to help you recuperate from an injury after a fall or to provide strengthening exercises/balancing programs to proactively prevent one, even if you haven’t been admitted to the hospital.  See your primary physician to determine what is available and how it works. If you need the name of a good Home Health Agency providing these types services, let us know. We have relationships with many of them.

Home Care
Day to Day Private Pay Care- on going care is not usually paid for by your medical insurance company. This is usually an out of pocket expense. It is also usually provided by a non medical Home Care company like GRISWOLD SPECIAL CARE versus a medical based Home Health Care Agency. For those that need Personal Care, GRISWOLD SPECIAL CARE is usually the low cost provider, saving you $1-4 an hour over most of our competitors.

Paying for Home Care
As noted above, your medical insurance does not usually pay for on going day in day out Home Care. Typically this is paid for out of your own pocket. There are however some limited government programs that can defray part of the cost.

1. Medicaid Diversion
        This program provides 6-12 hours of in home care a week for area seniors (sometimes as
        much as 20 hours). Contact CARES at 813-631-5300 to see if you qualify. There are 8+
        Diversion Program coordinators. If you are approved for care, you can request the
        coordinator. Each one of them subcontracts the work to companies like our own. We work
        with the Evercare Diversion Program and Florida Comfort Choice. If you qualify for
        services and wish to have us provide your Home Care services, please check out what those
        two providers have to offer. 

2. Veterans Aid and Attendance
        If you are a veteran that served during what is considered a wartime period and you meet
        certain asset and income tests you may qualify for a supplemental pension from the VA.
        The best place to contact about this benefit and most other VA benefits is the Hillsborough
        Department of Veteran Affairs  813-975-2181.

3. VA Home Health Aid Program
        Veterans under VA care can get a Home Health Aide to visit them 3+ times a week for a
        bath and up to 4 hours a week for homemaking services. See your VA social worker for
        details. If you are a Griswold Special Care client using us for private pay services,
        you can ask them to refer us so that you have one agency providing service.

There are two other avenues to pursue to create funds for home care:
     • Reverse Mortgages- For those of us 62 and over that have invested most of our net
       worth in our homes, this is a great safe tool to tap into our equity to provide funds
       for health and home care type expenses. We network with a number of trustworthy
       individuals that would be happy to sit down with you and help you find out if this
       product is right for you.
     • Long Term Care Insurance (and LTC riders to Life Insurance) - typically you purchase
       this before an event occurs that causes you to require assistance however there are
       some single premium products that could meet ones needs. We can put you in contact
       with a number of individuals that work with these products if you don’t have your own

Arthur Moseley
The Tampa West Office
Griswold Special Care