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Written by Bob Kalle   
Mom yelled from the kitchen, “Timmy, it’s time for bed, why don’t you go upstairs and get changed and say your prayers, I will be up in a minute after I finish the dishes.”

Timmy shut his game down and went upstairs. He put his favorite pajamas on, the ones with the wrestlers on them. He then knelt down beside his bed and began, “ In the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. God bless Mommy, God bless Daddy, God bless sister Sallie and God bless our dog Diamond. And God could you do me a favor, could you let me know what heaven is like, I heard about it in church, but I have never been there, and I wonder what it is like. Thanks God, and good night.”

Just them, mom came into the room, tucked Timmy into bed and kissed him on the forehead, “Good night sweetheart, see you in the morning. Have a good sleep.”

Within a few minutes, Timmy was sound asleep. Yet as he slept, snoring a little, a wind started up in his room. The low sound and a bright light woke Timmy and he looked around. Standing in his room was someone that looked like a man, but was dressed in shiny white clothes. He also had wings. Timmy asked, “Who are you”

The person said, “ I am Gabriel. You asked God to show you heaven was like and I am here to take you there and show you. Are you ready?”

Timmy, rubbing his eyes, said, “I’m ready, I want to see what it is like.”

The angel took Timmy’s hand in his and Timmy thought it felt like he was flying. Off they went, and what seemed like only a few minutes, they were standing on a cloud outside a big golden door. The door slowly opened up, and a man walked through. Gabriel said, “Hello Peter, I am here with Timmy, I am here to give him a tour of heaven. “

Peter said as he put out his hand to shake Timmy’s, “Well, come on in, and it is nice to meet you Timmy.”

Timmy and Gabriel walked through the door. Everything seemed so bright. Gabriel pointed to the right and led Timmy to another door. He said, “ Timmy, this is the play room, people get to play all the games they want. See, those children over there are playing video games on really big TVs. And over there, some of them are playing foosball and hockey games. And over on those tables some are playing games like monopoly.” Timmy just looked around amazed that so many children were playing and having fun.

Gabriel took Timmy’s hand and led him to another door. In this room there were many adults sitting around and eating together. They were laughing and talking to each other like they were telling stories or jokes. They all looked like they were best friends.

Once again Gabriel took Timmy’s hand and led him to another door. In this room it looked like there were people sitting on the edge of clouds looking down. Gabriel said, “Timmy, this is where people look down to watch what is going on in the world.  They like to keep their eye on things.”

Just then Gabriel asked, Timmy, “Why did you want to see heaven?”

Timmy said, “A while ago my daddy died and I was told he was in heaven. I just wanted to know he was in a good place.”

Gabriel said, “Timmy, I have a surprise for you,” and he looked over Timmy’s shoulder.

Timmy turned around, and there was his father. A tear fell from Timmy’s eye as he ran up to his dad. They hugged each other for the longest time.

Timmy said, “Dad, I miss you so much, I wanted to know you were in a good place and taken care of.”

His dad said, “Timmy, I am well taken care of here, heaven is a great place. But I will always be with you. I sit in my rocker on that cloud over there every day to watch you and your mom and your sister and the dog. I will always be with you all. I did see your school program where you sang, and I heard you say you wished I was there. Well. I was there. I watch everything you do, in school, at home with your mom, and when you play outside. Remember, I will always be with you. I love you, Timmy.”

And Timmy said, “I love you too, dad.”

They hugged some more, and dad wiped Timmy’s tears away.  And Gabriel said, “Now Timmy, it is time to go back home. You will see your dad again, he will be waiting here for you.”

The next thing Timmy knew, mom was shaking him and saying, “Timmy, it is time to get up and get ready for school.” And Timmy jumped out of bed and had a big smile on his face knowing that his dad was OK and always would be looking out for him.